S O U L seeds


I have been working on some new things for a while and I’m now looking to start production. My new line of jackets, coats, shoppers and textile pictures are called Soul Seeds. This name has several meanings to me, but first and foremost I finally feel I have managed to combine my two passions; clothes and illustrations into a product line and brand identity.

I think this is what my soul has been trying to get through when I never have been able to decide which one of these two passions I wanted to pursue. Of course I have thought that I could do both, but I knew there had to be a clever way to combine them without the obvious printed illustrations on the clothes. And this is the way! Textile application and making the drawings the foundation for my zero waste puzzles. This way you can follow the image in the coat – sort of a symbol that art becomes wearable and you can see that all the pieces have become part of the coat.

Soul seeds is also referring to the eyes (windows to the soul) and that the eye has become a flower. When you are doing something you love your soul is blooming and it makes the world light up!

This quote by Jeanne de Kroon also really inspired me along the way:

“Understanding that listening is the greatest form of activism and forgiveness stronger than blame, concepts of ‘the other’ fading with the deconstruction of our conditioned narrative, celebrating our (human) difference in a space where we all meet equally, fading our lines with reality and understanding life as one, remembering our own roots before our egos were seduced by mind-made concepts of identity, protecting the land and finding the sacred in the ordinary.”