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S O U L seeds


I have been work­ing on some new things for a while and I’m now look­ing to start pro­duc­tion. My new line of jack­ets, coats, shop­pers and tex­tile pic­tures are called Soul Seeds. This name has sev­er­al mean­ings to me, but first and fore­most I final­ly feel I have man­aged to com­bine my two pas­sions; clothes and illus­tra­tions into a prod­uct line and brand identity. 

I think this is what my soul has been try­ing to get through when I nev­er have been able to decide which one of these two pas­sions I want­ed to pur­sue. Of course I have thought that I could do both, but I knew there had to be a clever way to com­bine them with­out the obvi­ous print­ed illus­tra­tions on the clothes. And this is the way! Tex­tile appli­ca­tion and mak­ing the draw­ings the foun­da­tion for my zero waste puz­zles. This way you can fol­low the image in the coat — sort of a sym­bol that art becomes wear­able and you can see that all the pieces have become part of the coat.

Soul seeds is also refer­ring to the eyes (win­dows to the soul) and that the eye has become a flower. When you are doing some­thing you love your soul is bloom­ing and it makes the world light up!

This quote by Jeanne de Kroon also real­ly inspired me along the way:

“Under­stand­ing that lis­ten­ing is the great­est form of activism and for­give­ness stronger than blame, con­cepts of ‘the oth­er’ fad­ing with the decon­struc­tion of our con­di­tioned nar­ra­tive, cel­e­brat­ing our (human) dif­fer­ence in a space where we all meet equal­ly, fad­ing our lines with real­i­ty and under­stand­ing life as one, remem­ber­ing our own roots before our egos were seduced by mind-made con­cepts of iden­ti­ty, pro­tect­ing the land and find­ing the sacred in the ordinary.”